Management Guide

Guides covering service, site, user and gateway management.

  1. Service Management
  2. Site Managment
  3. User Management
  4. Gateway Management

Service Management

This is for the Service Administrator.

General Settings

You can set up service management related settings here.

  • Name: Display name of the service. Service name will be displayed on left upper side of the portal. Please email( us to reflect the logo.
  • Contact: mail for web push alarms and related information. Contact information will be displayed as a contact link at the bottom of the portal page.
  • Detailed Explanation: Detailed explanation of the service. Will be displayed at the Log-in screen and Sign up screen.
  • Service logo: Put the url of your own logo which will be displayed at both the Log-in screen and Sign up screen, if they exist. If not, service name will be displayed.
  • Service Hompage: Include the url of your own homepage or help page which will be displayed at both the Log-in screen and Sign up screen.

Dashboard Settings

  • From here, you can Add/Change the list of widgets that will be displayed on your dashboard
  • This widget list will also be displayed at the bottom of your dashboard page

Rule Settings

  • Add/change the trigger and action list for site-wide rules
  • Via the rule creation page, you can display selected actions and triggers

Gateway Model Settings

  • You can Add/Change gateways to choose from.
  • The selected gateway model is displayed when registering in the gateway management page.

Site Mangement

This is for the Service Administrator.

  • You can create and manage sites.
  • Here, you can display a full list of sites
  • Via clicking on an item, you can display the site’s name and code

Selecting a Site

  • You can search and select site by site name. When you select a site, only that site appears on the screen.

Regisiter a Site

  • You can move directly to the site registration page by clicking the button on the right upper side of page
  • Can register a site by entering a unique site name and code pair
  • When you register your site, you can select a plan for the site you created.
  • If you select a plan, the plan for that site is saved.

User Management

This is for the services and the site Administrator.


  • You can drill down to a list of users on a per-site basis

Selecting a Site

  • ① You can select a site. When you select a site, only the users who belong to the site are listed.

  • ② You can search for users by userID or email.

User List

  • It shows a list of corresponding users.
  • You can directly edit or view ③Authorized sites ④ User IDs, ⑤ E-mail, ⑥ Authorizations via the User list. (If authorized to do so)
  • ⑦ Site Administrator: The service administrator can grant permissions and site administrator can manage the site.
  • ⑧ Unauthorized user: It is a state before the user is authenticated after signing up. Unauthorized users will not be able to login.
  • ⑨ User: A user who has been authenticated by admin.


  • When you select a user’s permission, the following screen appears.
  • ① You can select sites to which you want to grant permissions to users.
  • ② Service administrators can select site administrators/users, and site administrators can not modify user role.
  • The permissions granted by the administrator determine how accessible they are to the user.
    • ex) ③ permission to view, ④ permission to setting
  • ⑤ Press + to set permissions for each device and sensor.
  • ⑥ Reset Password: The password-change-link will be sent to the email registered by the user. You can modify it with the password you want.
  • ⑦ Authorize/Unauthorize User: Administrator can approve/cancel user authentication.
  • ⑧ Delete User: Delete user information.

Gateway management

This is for the services and the site Administrator.



  • ① Select site
  • ② Search by gateway ID and name

Gateway List Overview

  • Basic information related to each gateway
    • ③ Gateway ID
    • ④ Gateway Model
    • ⑤ Registration Data
    • ⑥ Last updated
    • ⑦ Name : Name of gateway
    • ⑧ Data update interval : It will be rebooted automatically when changed.
    • ⑨ Discoverable On
      • Automatically creates a list of sensors within range of the gateway that you may potentially wish to attach to the gateway
  • ⑩ More Options.
    • Location : There are two methods of input: manual input and registration of the location sensor.
      The registered location can be checked in the Sensor List -> Map View.
    • Email
    • Mobile
    • Description
  • Device Information
    • ⑪ ID : Device ID
    • ⑫ Device Model :
    • ⑬ Name : Name of device
    • ⑭ Sensor list : The sensors registered in the device - Click on the sensor ID to go to Sensor page.
  • ⑮ Add : Directly add a sensor and device
  • ⑯ Delete : Remove gateways/devices/sensors
  • ⑰ Software Version - It may not be available depending on the gateway
    • Version info for currently installed software
    • Potential versions of software that can be updated to
  • ⑱ Reboot a gateway - It may not be available depending on the gateway

Gateway Registration Process

  • ⑲ To begin the registration process click the button on the right top side to add a new gateway

  • ① Select Gateway/Device model
  • Enter a ② gateway ID, and ③ name
  • Check sensors you would like to immediately attach to the gateway
  • ④ The service administrator can specify which sites to register.