Feature and Access Overview

  1. Main feature
  2. Access
  3. Use Cases


Dashboard management

  • The Dashboard is a customizable visual area where you can add widgets to track data coming in from Thing+.
  • Can be monitored from any device in real time.

Rule management

  • Rules are used primarily to set up actions that automatically fire based on a set of conditions and triggers.

Event Timeline

  • Any events with an attached rule will be exposed as a timeline.
  • Events can be defined with various levels of severity (Fatal/Warning/notification) and each device includes it’s own timeline of events.

Sensor List

  • A list of sensors designed to quickly show you their status and allow for drilldown to their details.

Chart Analysis

  • Analyze and monitor sensors by viewing their data in the form of a chart/visualization.


Any web based devices such as desk top, Tablet PC, and smartphone can access the system via the web interface.

  • Run the web application and go to {Service name}.thingplus.net.
  • After logging in, the dashboard for your main service will appear.

User Case

Case studies for the Thing+ application