Sensor Simulator User Guide

Thing+ Integragtion Guide for Sensor Simulator

1. Regist Sensor Simulator

1) Click the Settingsbutton and Gateway Managementbutton. setting_gateway_management

2) Click the (+)button. gateway_management

3) Choose a Gateway Model register_gateway

4) Input your gateway name to Gateway Name form. input_gateway_name

5) Choose a Device Model. select_devicemodel

6) Input your device name to Device Name form. input_gateway_name

7) Choose a Site this gateway will be added, and then, Click the Register a Gateway, Devices and Sensors register

8) You can see the Success popup message when the registration is completed

9) You can see the registred Gateway from the Sensor List Menu

  • Sensor(s) is registered automatically by the Gateway(BeagleBone Black / Raspberry Pi 2) within 1 minute after you complete to register your gateway
  • Values your Sensor are periodically aggregated and delivered to Thing+ Cloud by the Thing+ Gateway Software. You can see the values from Thing+ Portal after several minutes.