Open Source Gateway User Guide

This guide will be explained how to register gateway with other sensors, not grove sensors

1. Register Gateway

1) Click the Settingsbutton and Gateway Management


2) Click the (+)button


3) Click the Request for Gateway Certificates or API Keybutton


4) Select your gateway name to Gateway Model form. (Open Source Hardware - Open Source Gateway)


5) Input the MAC address of your device to the Gateway ID form and Click the Get API Keybutton.


  • Gateway ID is the Unique ID for identifying each device. in general Mac Address of eth0 is used as the Gateway ID except the BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi.
    • If you have any questions, please send email to
  • Copy API Key and Follow the section 10 ~ 11 of the guide for running Thing+ Gateway Software.

6) After press Register Gateway button, input Gateway Name


7) Select Device Model. (Open Source Device)


8) You can see the list of available sensors after complete to select Device Model. Select your site name and click register a gateway, devices and sensors button