Edison User Guide

Thing+ Integration Guide for Edison

  1. Environment Setting
  2. Install ThingPlus Package
  3. Set Hostname
  4. Gateway Registration

1. Environment Setting

0) Grove starter sensor kit

1) Assemble your board

  • Reference
  • Plug in the power supply.
  • Plug in 2 micro-USB cable to the USB connector on the expansion board. (Plug the other end of the USB cable in to your computer.) connection

  • Find the microswitch in between the USB ports on the expansion board. Switch the microswitch down towards the micro-USB ports, if it isn’t already. switch

2) Connect with Grove base shield.

Edison + Grove kit

3) Connect with Sensors.

LED Polarity

LED Polarity

Edison + Grove Starter kit

4) Update firmware of Edison.

5) Connect to Edison by using USB.

  • If you are a Mac or Linux user, please use the default terminal utility.
  • If you are a Windows user, we recommend that you use the “Putty” client.
  • Install Putty

For Mac OSX and Linux

  • In case of Linux, you should be install “screen”.
    • apt-get install screen
    screen -L /dev/cu.usbserial_XXXXXX 115200 (MAC)
  • if you can’t find “/dev/cb.usbserial_XXXX”, then reboot device.
  • When Termianl screen is changed, Press Enter.
  • account : root, Password is none.

For windows

  • Select to Serial then set to serial line and speed. speed set to 115200. putty

  • Serial line is COM port for Edison , COMXX.
  • account : root, Password is none.

6) Set To Password.

configure_edison --password

7) Connect to WiFi

configure_edison --wifi
  • Your board will scan for Wi-Fi networks for approximately 10 seconds. When it is finished, a list of available networks will be displayed. If you don’t see any networks, enter 0 to rescan.
  • Choose the network you would like to connect to, type the corresponding number from the list, and press Enter. To confirm your entry, type Y and press Enter.
  • When you see a Done message, your board is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Note the IP Address. This is your board’s IP Address

2. Install ThingPlus Package

1) Make folder to be install Thing+ Embedded Package and move that folder.

edison:~/# mkdir /opt/thingplus
edison:~/# cd /opt/thingplus

2) Download a install script file. (Install wget)

wget http://support.thingplus.net/download/install/thingplus_embedded_sdk_edison_install.sh

3) Grant a run permission to the script you downloaded and Install the Thing+ Embedded Package.

  • It can take few minutes to install the Thing+ Embedded Package.

    edison:/opt/thingplus# chmod 755 thingplus_embedded_sdk_edison_install.sh
    edison:/opt/thingplus# ./thingplus_embedded_sdk_edison_install.sh

3. Set Host name

1) Change the hostname of your Edison for identifying it.

Remark: You can’t move the cursor on the Terminal and/or Putty with your mouse. please use your keyboard to move it.

  • Modify /etc/hostname

    edison:~/# vi /etc/hostname
  • Change the `Edison’ in the file to your own name(letter, number and hyphen(-) allowed only) like the below image. Modify hostname

    • When you complete the edit task, press CTRL-Oand Enter for saving the updates. Press CTRL-X to close the nano editor.

2) To apply your modification, please reboot your Edison.

edison:~/# reboot

4. Gateway Registration