BeagleBone Air User Guide

Thing+ Integration Guide for BeagleBone Air

  1. Environment Setting
  2. Install Thing+ Embedded Package
  3. Gatway Registration

1. Environment Setting

1) Telnet/SSH Client is required for controlling the BeagleBone Green from your PC.

  • If you are a Mac or Linux user, please use the default terminal utility.
  • If you are a Windows user, we recommend that you use the “Putty” client to access your Raspberry Pi.
  • Putty Download link
  • Putty Manual

2) The example configuration of this guide is as follows.

  • BBA, OLED display, Temperature&Humidity sensor

BBG + Ehternet + USB Cable

3) After the BeagleBone is booted up completely, connect to it over SSH. The booting process takes 2~3 minutes

  • If you can’t found IP address, please refer the Troubleshooting section.

     $ ssh root@<IP Address>
    • Example for Mac & Linux

      $ ssh root@192.168.1.XXX
  • Example for Windows

    • Run the putty, and Insert your IP Address, and then, Click the button Open and Enter a password. BBG putty login

Notice : BeagleBone Green is possible to connect with PC and USB cable. Please refer the How to connect with USB on Beaglebone Green section.

Notice: In case of Windows, you have to re-launch putty, when BeagleBone Green is rebooted.

4) Change the hostname of your BBG for identifying it.

Remark: You can’t move the cursor on the Terminal and/or Putty with your mouse. please use your keyboard to move it.

  • Modify /etc/hostname.

    @BBA:$ nano /etc/hostname
  • Change the BeagleBone in the file to your own name(letter, number and hyphen(-) allowed only) like the below image. BBG Modify hostname

    • When you complete the edit task, press CTRL-O and Enter for saving the updates. Press CTRL-X to close the nano editor
  • To apply your modification, please reboot your BeagleBone Air.

    @BBA:$ reboot

2. Install Thing+ Embedded Package

1) Connect Grove Starter kit sensor to BeagleBone Air without Ethernet(LAN cable) and Power Cable.

  • I2C HUB: How to Connection BeagleBone Air with I2C hub BBG + Grove

  • J4: Means a line connecting Beagle Bon Air and I2C HUB. BBG + Grove

2) Connect Ethernet(LAN cable), and Power Cable to BeagleBone Air.

3) Connect to your BeagleBone Air

4) Make folder to be install Thing+ Embedded Package and move that folder.

@BBA:$ mkdir /opt/thingplus
@BBA:$ cd /opt/thingplus

5) Download a install script file.

@BBA:$ wget

6) Grant a run permission to the script you downloaded and Install the Thing+ Embedded Package.

  • It can take few minutes to install the Thing+ Embedded Package.

    @BBA:$ chmod 755
    @BBA:$ ./

7) Reboot BeagleBone Air.

@BBA:$ reboot

8) config setting

  • Create or modify the runetim.json file in the /opt/thingplus/gateway/thingplus-gateway/device/config as shown below for the mqtt and api host configuration.
  "Server": {
    "mqtt": {
      "host": ""
    "service": {
      "host": ""

3. Gatway Registration

Plesase refer Gateway Registration