PC + Arduino User Guide

Thing+ Guide for Arduino with PC

  1. Environment Setting for window
  2. Arduino Firmware install
  3. Environment Setting
  4. Install ThingPlus Embedded package
  5. Gateway Registration

When you install cygwin, when you install git, v2.12.2 is installed. This version is not compatible with cygwin. If you get errors during installation, check out git version. Please note that Windows versions are not supported until a stable new version of cygwin is available.

1. Environment Setting for Windows

View environment setting for Windows

1) install Node Js

2) install Cygwin

  • 32bit download
  • 64bit download

  • If Choose Download site for Cygwin is shown, select ftp://ftp.kaist.ac.kr Cygwin select ftp site

  • If Select Package for Cygwin is shown, select ‘wget’

    • Input ‘wget’ in Search field -> Web -> select 1.16.3-1 Cygwin wget package select
    • Input ‘git’ in Search field -> Devel -> git Cygwin git package select
  • When installation is completed, then you can show as the follow icon on your desktop. Cygwin Icon

2. Arduino Firmware install

1) Install Arduino IDE upon PC OS environment.

2) Run Arduino IDE.
3) Select USB for Arduino Port in IDE. (for windows, COMxx)

  • Tools -> Port -> Arduino/Genuino Uno Arduino Select Port

4) Select Firmware to download into Arduino.

  • File -> Examples -> Firmata -> StandardFirmata Arduino Select Firmware

5) Build Firmware.

Arduino Verify

6) upload Firmware to Arduino.

Arduino upload

7) Check if the below message shown at IDE.

Arduino upload Success

3. Environment Setting

0) Grove Starter Kit for Arduino

1) Connect Arduino and Grove Sensor Board. Arduino + Grove Starter kit

2) Connect sensors to the Grove Sensor Board.

Reference : LED polarity

LED polarity

Arduino + Grove Sensor Board + Sensors

3) Connect Arduino and PC via USB cable. Arduino + USB Cable

Check to Voltage if setted value is 5 volt.


4. Install ThingPlus Embedded package

1) Run the Terminal

  • Windows : Run the ‘Cygwin Terminal’.
  • Mac OS : Run the ‘Terminal’.

2) Prepare to download.

@PC:$ mkdir $HOME/thingplus
@PC:$ cd $HOME/thingplus

3) Download the install script file.

For Windows

@PC:$ wget http://support.thingplus.net/download/install/thingplus_embedded_sdk_win_install.sh

For Mac OS

@PC:$ wget http://support.thingplus.net/download/install/thingplus_embedded_sdk_osx_install.sh

4) Add excution permission on the script file then Install it.

  • It may take some minutes upon network performance.

For Windows

@PC:$ chmod 755 thingplus_embedded_sdk_win_install.sh
@PC:$ ./thingplus_embedded_sdk_win_install.sh

For Mac OS

@PC:$ chmod 755 thingplus_embedded_sdk_osx_install.sh
@PC:$ ./thingplus_embedded_sdk_osx_install.sh

5. Gateway Registration

Follow the Guide to register a gateway